Lanyard Pricing

We sell Lanyards

Choose your own message, color, and font. Our lanyards are perfect for your promotional needs. Whether you need as low as 20 lanyards, or as much as 25,000 lanyards, we are here to make them for you. We only produce our lanyards using 100% high quality silicone rubber.

Polyester Lanyards

The Imprinted Polyester Lanyards is our most popular type of lanyards. The lanyards are made out of high-quality and durable polyester material. Your message and logos will be imprinted on top of the polyester, and is guaranteed not to rub off with regular use. You can choose several colors of text and logos to be imprinted on the lanyards. The polyester lanyard material has a smooth finish and gives a clean appearance. It is a very practical and high quality choice for your special occasion.

Quantity Price
20 $4.82
50 $3.13
100 $1.13
150 $1.12
200 $1.11
250 $1.10
500 $0.68
1,000 $0.53
2,500 $0.48
3,000 $0.44
5,000 $0.40
Imprinted Tube Lanyards

The imprinted tube lanyards are the best option for those that are tight with their budget. It is a low cost solution to get your lanyards done. It is made out of a loosely stitched polyester, and made into a tube to increase its durability. Your imprinted design shall be silk screen printed into the lanyards, and we have a special way of printing so your text or logo is guaranteed not to smudge or wear out.

Moreover,they are much smaller than others, so it will be easier and more comfortable to wear.

Quantity Price
20 $3.68
50 $2.43
100 $1.07
250 $0.99
300 $0.73
500 $0.67
1,000 $0.55
2,000 $0.55
3,000 $0.52
5,000 $0.47
10,000 $0.49
Woven Polyester Lanyards

The woven polyester lanyards are for those that want to invest more into a higher class of text, where the text or logo shall be stitched and embroidered into the polyester material. You will have a textured feel when you touch the text or logo on the lanyard. It is very high quality, and definitely will give a good representation of your company or occasion. This is the ideal choice for those that want the highest quality type of lanyard out there.

Quantity Price
50 $2.66
100 $1.30
300 $1.16
500 $0.99
1,000 $0.72
2,000 $0.70
3,000 $0.70
5,000 $0.59
10,000 $0.57
Nylon Lanyards

The Imprinted Nylon Lanyards is the ideal choice for those that want the best color and detail on their lanyards, offering a full color high quality silk screen printing on the entire lanyard. You can be assured that every detail of your logo of text shall be captured and imprinted on the lanyards. The nylon material is slightly thicker than the polyester lanyards and much shinier, making the text or logos stand out. The material is very durable and high quality. If you want to stand out and be unique, nylon lanyards is the way to go.

Quantity Price
12 $4.69
25 $3.34
50 $2.34
100 $1.72
250 $1.47
500 $0.99
1,000 $0.94
3,000 $0.88
5,000 $0.82