Wrist Band: My Fashion Atmosphere Setter Wrist Band: My Fashion Atmosphere Setter

As a fashion enthusiast, I always make sure that I am not left behind in the latest fashion trends. I always get to look for the new trending shoes, designer bags, clothes, and even accessories. I search for them through the web, magazines and fashion TV. No matter what happens, I guarantee myself that I am always at the top of the fashion ranking in my neighborhood and even more in our campus.Among all my fashion items, particularly the body ornaments, I have these favorites. Do you know what are they? Well, they are my wrist bands. I have a collection of cute wrist bands in different colors, styles, and sizes. Why do I love them? It is because they are my fashion atmosphere setter. What do I mean by this?

Whatever outfit I am in, whatever shoes I am wearing, or bags, there is always a well-matching wrist band for them. My get-up is not complete if I have no wrist band around my hand. I just have to choose what will accentuate my whole style from my set of these bracelets. If I am in my preppy attire, I just have to pick my blue band with a “cute baby” tagline on it or my pink one with the yellow angel logo. If I am in my sexy or daring self, I just choose between my red or black two-layer wristband from Speedy Wristbands. I can also be a nice nature lover with my green wrist band that has a “Protect Mother Earth” message imprinted on it. These are just some of the possible characters that I can be in with my fabulous wrist bands. I have a dozen of these cool bracelets and I am into getting more of them.

Fashion is my guilty pleasure, therefore, I always want to be in my best style. With a wristband, I can achieve this and set the fashion trend in my community.